Blueprint Communication

The tutorials regarding this seem to be outdated or something along those lines. I have two blueprints, when something happens in one of them I want something to happen in the other. I’ve messed with Event Dispatchers and I cannot seem to get them to work.

You dont need to use the dispatcher for that.
To change stuff , in another blueprint directly you have to access them.
here an example with the event hit, but you can also use “all actor of class” or “begin overlap” … Target
Just type in Cast to “nameofyourblueprint” and then , set “nameofvariable”, or call “nameofcustomevent”.

Docs here Direct Actor Communication Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

Once get the access using the cast to blueprint, you can access, variables , events, custom events…

Be sure to have the context Sensitive on ! otherwise its hard find what you want.
its the thing that show up when you right click on the empty space of the editor, where you put these nodes.
If is on , be sure to click the right pin, every place where you click , get his own list to scroll down.

You can use node “Construct Object from Class” in version 4.9 to create an object of some other BP class in your existing BP.