Blueprint Communication when Actor not Spawned?

I’m trying to get blueprints to communicate but the tutorial is only helpful for actors that are actively spawned in the environment.

Like I’m trying to get a reference to my global variable blueprint on my character, but my character doesn’t spawn until the game starts. That means I can’t access its public variables in the level editor in order to assign the correct blueprint to the object blueprint variable I made. I feel like I’m really missing something because that means any dynamically spawned object won’t have a reference to the blueprint I’m targeting.

So my question is, how do you get two blueprints to communicate when the one with a reference to another is not actually in the level?

You could use GameMode class for those global variables, they relate to game more or game it self right? So GameMode is best place to place them, then it easy to access them from “Get Game Mode” after casting it to you gamemode class"

Fortunately I did set up my global variables as a game mode blueprint. I just didn’t realize I could draw from Game Mode like that. I attached a picture of me successfully grabbing my total resources from the game mode blueprint. Thanks, that helped a lot!