Blueprint Communication Not Possible in 4.5?

I have 2 blueprints (sky/weather & ocean) that pass values between each other, and in some cases call a function on the other blueprint, which I have tested in both ver 4.4 and 4.5 with completely different results.

To make sure I was doing it correctly, following this page in the documentation, I created the same situation in both, below is 4.4 - This is the function I am calling:


And now I am calling the function from my Ocean blueprint:


Everything works just fine, however in 4.5 the only way to call this function is from a “SKEL_BP_Skydome” variable, which cannot be created. Because I wan’t you to see the menu I have open, I created the following video, this is version 4.5 (Please watch in full screen):

As you can see, the only way I can call “Set Sky Parameters” is with a “SKEL…” variable, which I can not create, if I try and right click on the variable input for the function, it will not allow me to “Promote to Variable” either. Beyond that, there was no “SKEL…” types in 4.4, looking through the list I could not find any.

Is this the intended behavior (ie is this no longer possible to do, and if so why)?

EDIT: Cross posted to AnswerHub here:

Try disable all Experimental

Edit > Editor Preferences > Experimental

Maybe if you use a “cast to” from your skydome variable you’ll can have access to your function.

Have you try to create a new variable and try it ? Maybe the update from 4.4 to 4.5 bugged it too…

SKEL_ is added as a prefix to blueprint skeleton classes, which are just a stubbed version of the blueprint interface with no implementation. The blueprint compiler is really complicated, so I don’t have a good idea of why you would be seeing it, but it might mean that your blueprint isn’t compiled fully.

Thanks for the info guys, got it fixed, new experimental feature is not working yet…

@gangslab - You were right, I had the “Use New Blueprint Menuing System” turned on in Experimental, looks like it isn’t ready for prime time :slight_smile: forgot I had turned it on.

@Fen - The type it asks for can not be created or casted to, it is literally a unknown type to the blueprint system. Plus I created this example specifically for this reason, it was not present when I migrated the project, but thanks!

@james0x0A - after some digging I did find that out about the SKEL reference in code, looks like the new BP menuing is not getting the correct type for some reason.

Thanks guys, @EPIC - I will update my answerhub post with the info for you guys to test out. :slight_smile: