Blueprint Communication Issues

I have a settings menu widget “SettingsMenu” with buttons to change graphics settings in a player controller class blueprint “SettingsController” Basically when I hit the LOW Graphics Button on the “SettingsMenu” Blueprint I need it to execute the custom event on the “SettingsController” Blueprint. I tried interface blueprints and enabled them on both blueprints but they are still not communicating. I have also tried casting to the blueprint and keep falling short. Any Help would be great Thanks!

In your WG_BP , when the button is pressed you are sending the message to seft (the current WG Instance) , if “SettingsController” is your default “PlayerController Class” , change self to “GetPlayerController”

It is not the default “PlayerController Class” and I also made an actor reference to the “SettingsController” and plugged it in but no good.

make sure the reference is not null

And How would I go about this? Im still a noob sorry

Ok I got it working but only because I took everything and placed it in my widget blueprint.

Dispatching and/or triggering events remotely (Blueprint)


One way you can do it reliably is to get the actors of type and trigger custom events inside them.

Image above: Selected actor triggers event on the unselected one.

Event on unselected actor:

Event triggering the remote event (inside selected actor):

You should also be able to use “Bind Event to OnClicked” to assign the event to the button outside of the button.

or through the use of event dispatchers:

Good luck!

Thanks Don,

I have a similar setup that I used and wasn’t having much luck on but I will try this tonight. I moved all of my stuff to my widget blueprint which works great now except that the stuff was in the controller blueprint in the first place because that is where I am doing all of my graphics save setup. Just when I thought I was getting pretty good at this it throws me a curveball and I get hung up.

Still Does not work. If anyone wants to set up a quick example to test… please :slight_smile:

Create a Controller Blueprint (I called “SettingsController”) with a custom event to the that I called “LowGraphicsEvent” and add a “PrintScreen” for testing.
Create a Widget Blueprint (I called “SettingsMenu”) with a button (I called “LowGraphicsButton”) and create an on clicked event linked to the button.
When this button is clicked I want it to execute the “LowGraphicsEvent” in the “SettingsController” blueprint.

Widget Blueprint-
button clicked.PNG

Controller Blueprint-
event executed.PNG

Finally figured it out… Create the widget you want to communicate with and then drag the event off of that. Just create you custom event in the other blueprint and you are done!