Blueprint communication from Game Instance to BP_Motion Controller in the VR template UE4.26

Hi There, I’m trying to execute a simple left hand mode for my VR experience that has been built in UE4.26. I would like to use a L keyboard press at the start of the game to set the mode (Default will be right hand so I start with this enabled and am just looking for a simple way to change to left hand if a player requires).

So far I’ve created a game instance for the L key press that is called from my start menu level and created custom event LH Mode in the game instance from which I am trying to call the Left Hand Turned On function in the BP_Motion Controller (where I plan to set the visibility and activation of the controllers). But I’m getting the error ‘Accesssed None trying to read propery BP Motion Contoller’ and I don’t know how get the Game Instance to communicate correctly with the BP Motion Controller. If anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated.

Hi Amy, the motion controllers in the 4.26 version of the template are spawned at run-time. (“Spawn and attach motion controllers” section in MotionControllerPawn)

So, it’s necessary to ‘jump through a few hoops’ to get access to them.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for this. It works perfectly and has saved me much head scratching!

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