Blueprint Commenting Functionality Suggestion

I am not sure if this has been suggested I did a search and didn’t seem to see anything about this. This idea isn’t complicated or hard to develop but I think would be something that UE4 Blueprint users could appreciate and utilize.

I would love the see a toggle/checkbox added to the comment’s menu in the details panel. The menu option could read “Display At Bottom” and the user simply clicks to toggle checkbox. This would allow the comments to be display at the bottom of the comment box instead of at the top. Often times I run into situations where I have to cascade comment boxes if I have overlap on multiple comment boxes.

I would also love to see a functional menu system similar to something you would see in photoshop when moving layers above or below each other. Maybe not so much a drag and drop window, but maybe just 4 functions “Move to Front” / “Move Forward” / " Move Backwards" / “Move to Back” . This might be a big ask for just the comment functionality in blueprints, but would be really nice to have especially for using overlapping comments boxes. Many times will I start a design in UE4 Blueprints by creating a color identifiable work space to design within. While developing this design I may add on more comments to certain functions or what not. These comments are stuck behind the original comment workspace I created and are a pain to click on yet alone resize. I understand your current system always puts the next created comment node behind the previously created one. You could even change this so it functions the other way and this would solve my issues. A simple toggle instead of a fully functional menu would suffice to prevent my issue from happening.

Thanks for all your hard work on this engine! I look forward to UE5!! Can’t wait to get my hands on that engine and redesign my current game prototype in it! Hope this is something significant enough to merit implementing. It isn’t really very significant in my eyes, but I don’t see it being all that hard as well and would appreciate the added functionality. Love you guys and stay safe!