Blueprint comment color discussion

I’d like to color my comments in the event graph and I’m not really good at deciding colors, nor deciding what/how to group what together.

Does anyone have any thoughts for colors to be used for comment color theme?

I found only 1 post on this forum of someone discussing what they did.

To start things off
Events red, UI brown, printstrings purple?
Helper functions? Core gameplay? optional side gameplay?
What about network events? Perhaps by whats run on server/client/either/both?

Any thoughts/discussion on this would be greatly appreciated. (Also specific RGB would be excellent but optional)

  • Specific color choice is quite an individual and personal thing. But to add 2c here to the overall strategy. I use weaker pastille like colors for prep / helper, calc’ing, debugging-logging, UI, array set-up and so on. For example, I use semi-transparent or light browns / oranges for general game set-up / prep work.

  • I stick with stronger high-contrast colors for more active nodes or sections. For example nodes that are active and actually move characters or vehicles or fire weapons etc. I tend to group these along with weaker colors of the same color class. So I might use bright red for weapons fire / projectile launch, but have a milder set of darker reds or hues for related prepping functions (wine etc). Similarly for UI, I reserve a series of specific colors usually in the purple / indigo type spectrum.

  • I like to use greens and cyan and sea blues for most of the more general work though, as they’re softer for me. But this is all in the eye of the beholder again. The most important thing is just have a fixed-scheme or legend and stick with it consistently / religiously. Remember to experiment with comment box transparency too, and mask key events or starting-points into their own color boxes without even using full comment boxes, as it helps jump to critical code faster when zoomed out etc. Do the same with active node sections or areas you keep coming back for tweaking.

  • For multiplayer or where there’s single-player, local-multiplayer and networked subtleties… Why not use black and white and grey boxes that contrast again with all the rest… Just an idea…