Blueprint collision capsule does not trigger.

Hello People,

So I made a blueprint that includes a static mesh, an audio component, and a collision capsule. In the event graph, I set the nodes ‘‘onActorBeginOverlap’’ of the capsule, ‘‘OnActorEndOverlap’’ of the capsule, and ‘‘E key’’ with a gate to my sound, since I wanted to be audible when it overlaps and the E key pressed. I put an instance on my level and everything works fine.
Here is the issue, when I drop a second instance in my level the blueprint behaves weird. If I press E the function pass to the event graph but even if I enter within the collision capsule it does not activate the ‘‘OnActorBeginOverlap’’ node which happens to the second instance of the blueprint although the first instance works fine.

What could be the issue for that?
What can I do to fix it?
Is there a chance the blueprint takes as collision data only the first instance for some reason?

Your first instance is stealing the “E Key” input from other instances. You need to implement the input in the Player Controller, which will be the only one, and handle the state management differently.

My apologies I did not explain it well. The E key in the second instance works. The capsule does not, I enter with the character but it does not get triggered therefore the sound I have applied to the node ‘‘OnActorBeginOverlap’’ doesn’t play.

What are the collisions settings for both player and trigger?

Player needs query (or both) to work with overlaps. Make sure the Generates Overlap Events its true.
In the collision settings make sure it can overlap the proper collision channel.

For the trigger, same thing.

If your player capsule uses the Pawn channel, your trigger must check to overlap pawns. If it overlaps other types it could be firing before you can reach it.

This is a common culprit, but without seeing how your blueprints are set up I can only guess.