Blueprint Collapsed Graphs VS. Blueprint Relocation!!

I am debating what is the most resource intensive method of combating congested Blueprints.
Does any one have any advice as to what a works the best, either; collapsing graphs or splitting/relocating functionality to other BPs.

If splitting/relocating do you use BP interfaces or regular BP or BP function libraries?

Any advice would be great at this point,

If you find yourself using the same functions in a lot of different blueprints. I would consider moving those to a BP Funclib.

Same goes for small snipits of code throughout a BP, if it does the same stuff, consider moving it to just a single function and using the function call in place of all the nodes.

What DevilsD said, and you can create new event graphs, too. Use one for input, one for AI stuff, one for replication stuff, etc.

I was completely unaware of multiple event graphs. My event graphs are completely packed and relocation without needing to restructure vs code helps.

don’t worry. I’m using UE4 a year or so already and only saw it a few weeks ago :slight_smile: