Blueprint class from custom ActorComponent

I’ve written a class that inherits from UActorComponent, and would like to create a blueprint based on this class. For some reason, blueprints won’t allow me to choose my class as a parent class. Is this intentional? I’d imagine anyone else taking a component-based approach will run into the same issue eventually.

Do you get some kind of error message? I just tried to make a Blueprint and it works from an Actor Component, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work with your class. Perhaps post your header file - you may be missing UCLASS or something like it?

no error message. The UCLASS definition is there, and I’ve also tried copying the exact UCLASS code from SceneComponent. I believe the parent picker only lists children from ActorComponent that are specified as ENGINE_API, or something. I haven’t found any way to solve the problem though.

You likely need to add Blueprintable to the UCLASS definition

Thanks, that solved it!