Blueprint Class editor- how to reset to default?

So i started using unreal engine a few days ago and today i started (or tried to) to usethe Blueprint Classes. I followed the video "Intro to Blueprints: Creating a Class BP | 04 " posted on the Unreal Engine youtube channel until i got to the part where he opens the Blueprint Class editor. In the video, there is a Viewport, Components, Details etc. The only thing i had open was the toolbar when i opened the editor for the first time. I looked around and tried to find where to open the windows but i could only find how to open the “My Blueprint” window. I looked around the internet for answers as well but to no avail. Could someone please explain to me what i am doing wrong or how to reset it to default?

Can you upload a screen shot so we can see where you are.

Well window → components would be a step in the right direction. Also, window → load layout → default editor layout might help…

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I feel like i’m missing something very obvious… I can’t find the components tab… And i did try the load layout thing, it doesn’t change anything, it just closes the window… Should i reinstall maybe?

Thank you for responding and this is where i am now after just simply double clicking on the BP Class.
Again, am i doing something wrong? Is this part of another update and the windows have been changed or is it just messed up for me?

It’s looking seriously screwed up. In the main window, editor settings, you have:

If that doesn’t work, uninstall, and make sure you remove all config files. Then re-install. NOTE I’m assuming you are ok with removing your project?