Blueprint class edited just before editor restart is not showing up

  1. So, let’s say we have class A derived from UObject which has a property of type class Z.
  2. Class Z is also derived from UObject and is marked as Instanced within class A.
  3. In editor we can “new” class Z through the drop down menu under class A.
  4. Someone edited/changed the blueprint of class Z. Now the property in class A is showing something like this reinst.png
  5. If we restart editor at this point, the property in class A will sometimes be null, and class Z no longer shows up on the drop down menu as possible blueprint to instantiate for class A.
  6. I have to save the blueprint of class Z before it shows up again under the drop down menu.

Also, the designers have to keep “recreating” class Z under class A whenever class Z changes (even just a little). This is a big problem for us because we will have a lot of data being reset for every class that has class Z as Instance. I hope it can be fixed soon.

Happens in 4.7 and 4.8

Thank you very much!