Blueprint Class collision settings no longer editable in world outliner


so I have this problem when I create a door with a trigger as a Blueprint Class and then set that object into the world, suddenly some of the details of that object is no longer editable. I specifically want to be able to customize the collision on the trigger box to react to different things.

The TriggerBox is set to Editable when Inherited, and it used to work before when I first made it, but at some point it just stopped working and set everything to default and I don’t know what’s happened.

fisrt i would try unchecking editable when inherited. then if that doesnt work i would try to see if you can reproduce the issue with another blueprint.

Unchecking editable only makes everything uneditable

BUT, after trying to reproduce the issue I found a solution, thank you!
Inside the Blueprint the Collision Enabled needs to be set to Query Only

This apparently only temporarily solves the problem, then it returns, which is why this issue has had me so confused. Though I might have solved in another way that seems to work for now, we’ll see if this too resets…

Setting the Collision Presets in the Blueprint to OverlapAllDynamic will still allow you to change it in the world overview.

alt text