Blueprint Class and Childclass Performance

simple question

Better to do Master Street Lamp BP Class with all stuff inside BP like

  1. Street Lamp Mesh

  2. Banner

  3. Sign Mesh

  4. Street Camera Monitoring

  5. Four Spot lights

    because other child class can have 4 arm lamps

and variables in construction, for light color, intensity

then create child class for other type of mesh lamp and hidden in game when i dont use other lights

" when light is 2x arms so 3 & 4 must be hidden "

or its better to create 10x bp class for each street lamp separately ?

How much will affect performance 10 x master street lamp bp with bools, variables, floats e.t.c ____Versus ___1x master street lamp with 10x child class ?

You should create a class for every object type no matter how many of them (actors) will be on the scene.

Or you could make just one class and simply change mesh and every parameters for every actor)

Do you still need any help?

how about performance?
10x master class
1x master class with 9 child class :slight_smile:

Does it have any impact on performance?

Look at my VR keyboard. I use child actor components but there is no any performance issue) In that case I guess the component is just wrapping to your class.

And as I said you don’t understand what is class and actor are. Most of your level objects are just static meshes, which is common class but without any logic inside. Lamp should be an actor class though to make you able to change variables and parameters. But it still consists of some static mesh components.

Don’t worry about efficiency for stuff like this–other things such as lighting and graphics quality will have a much larger impact on performance. That said, do what makes the most sense and works the best for you. To me, 1 master class with 9 child classes makes the most sense here–if they all share common variables, then you should make a master class with children.
This is probably also more efficient–it makes sense that the program would be able to more quickly produce a specific child class than an entirely new master class. For example, an actor could be anything from a footprint to a character to a giant sun, while your lamppost master class can only be a lamppost…