Blueprint child component edit does not work properly


The announced feature of blueprint child component editing in the details panel is somehow not working properly.
Try the following:

  • Create a BP based on actor
  • Add a Collision box component
  • Place an instance of the BP in the level
  • Select the instance and select the collision box component in the details panel.
  • Try to set the collision preset to “No Collision”

You will find that the dropdown list is accessible, but the value does not change.
If set in the BP editor, the collision can be set normally…


Hi KVogler,

I just attempted this on my end and it seems to be updating as expected. Do you have any other steps I can take to try and reproduce this on my end? If so, please make a post on the answerhub at in the bug reports section so we can assist you more in depth. Thank you!

I made a short video, demonstrating the issue:
Before I post on AnswerHub, please let me know if its really a bug, or if I didnt understand something correctly.
(Dont wanna waste peoples time on AH).

PS: The video is blurred the first seconds, but then improves…

Yes, that looks like a bug. I’m not 100% sure right now if it should just be grayed out because we can’t allow it, or the fact it isn’t letting you set it is the problem, but either way, the current behavior looks wrong.

Hi KVogler,

I was able to reproduce this and have entered a bug report, UE-15450 to be assessed by the development staff. This seems limited to the sphere mesh component, so you should be able to adjust collision on other child components as of preview 2.

Thanks :slight_smile:
(Although I used a box,not sphere, so the box seems to have the same problem…)

Looking forward to Preview 2 :slight_smile: