Blueprint Checks If Event Fires Within Timeframe

The following images are in a box trigger blueprint.

The nodes in the first image must execute.

From the “start time” to “end delay time” (ex: 1.6 seconds to 2.6 seconds), I want the blueprint to listen for a left mouse click. The nodes in the second image may or may not execute. Regardless, the third image must execute.

I tried an event dispatcher but I am unsure how to go about it. However, if there are any other solutions feel free to post!

So you want the player to have a limited amount of time to click after walking up to the object? I think this should do it:

Or even easier:

This worked really well except for the case where the player does not left click at all. What should I do to include this case?

Update: I used a combination of this image and a delay to successfully create the result I want. Thank you for your help!