Blueprint Character has a weird mesh inside?


I have a Character Blueprint and I can see a mesh inside of it:

Why is that Minigun mesh over there, inside the Character?

I really don’t know where to look at to find and delete this bug…


I’m not a 3d modeler/animator.

I didn’t create the Character mesh from scratch, it’s from the free Market of Unreal.

The 3d minigun yes, that is the only thing I made.

But I don’t understand why it’s there.

Did you make sure it is not connected to your FPS hands? You may have to remove it in a 3D modeling program like 3DS Max or Maya.

Hi ,

  • At what point did the minigun appear to show up?
  • Is it selectable? Can it be deleted?
  • What steps did you take that reproduce this error on your end?
  • Does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is it limited to one project?

Hello,thanks for your time!

1. I really don’t know. From the image I guess it’s the point 0,0,0

2. It’s not, that’s the problem!!!

3. I really don’t know. But I guess it’s something about the of the Character. I downloaded the AnimStarterPack and I was experimenting the of the mesh adding the Minigun into the Character mesh hands.
But then, once had fun, I deleted every reference to that minigun in the page. Maybe there’s something else I should do?

4. No no no. There’s no need I test it out. I’m sure I made a mess in the … or something like that.

Check the skeletal mesh asset to see if it is still referenced at all. It sounds like the change made to the skeletal mesh is definitely what caused this to occur. If you create a new project with the same template, you could always overwrite the original skeletal mesh file with a copy from the other project, which should eliminate the additional mesh entirely. If you do this, however, please make sure to RMB the content browser and press “Fix Up Redirectors” to be safe.

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We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.


In my AnimStarterPack folder there are 3 files: Mannequin, Mannequin_PhysicAsset and Mannequin_Skeleton.

Since I’m not a 3D modeler/animator can I replace only the ? Are, somehow, those 3 files related to each other?

If I understand what you are asking correctly. Yes they are related to each other. The Mannequin is the mesh, it is what the player will see. The is what allows you to put animations on the mesh, and the physicAsset if I remember correctly handles all the collision and physics the player engages in.

Yes they are different things and each one plays its role.

But I want to know If replacing ONLY the will affect all other things.

Also, in my current I only have one Socket. What if I had a much more complex ? I was just screwed and I had had to start from scratch…

Short answer: Yes you can delete the , make a new one, and re-target all the animations to the new .

However, as I recall from your earlier posts you said that you are not a 3D modeler. In order to create a new you will need 3D modeling knowledge. (perhaps this will help if you are using maya: https://www…com/watch?v=EEeBc_VNWkM)

The best thing for you would be to keep the . As I do not think your problem is with the and re-making a new one for no reason would be a lot of wasted time.

Have you opened the skeletal mesh to make sure you did not accidentally import your minigun into the Viewport thinking it was the character?

As already pointed out, my Skeletal is from the AnimStarterPack and I only added ONE socket which is the Weapon Socket.

It’s not a complex Skeletal.

The Skeletal Mesh tells nothing about the minigun mesh. I really don’t know where did it come out from.

Again what must I do?

With the very little information I have to work with, the best guess would be to right click on the minigun go to the details panel and find where it says “mesh”. Click on the little magnifying glass. It will take you to where the minigun is referenced in your project. Just make sure that your BP_Character tab is docked with the rest of your project. Or else it will not show you where the asset is located. (At least it is like that in 4.10, not sure about the others.)

Right click on the minigun

Which minigun? The minigun inside the BlueprintCharacter isn’t clickable.

Do you mean the asset mesh? Well, there’s a Reference Viewer label, which brings me to this:

Skeletal asset isn’t mentioned here.

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Can you post your project so I can take a look and see if I can find the root of the error in question? If privacy is a concern you can send me a link privately on the forums:

I sent you the project some days ago.

Any news?

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I’ve been assigned to this as is helping out for a while. He just forwarded me your PM on the forums, however I’m having a lot of trouble compiling your project. Please either upload a version with binaries or a fixed version. You can PM me here.

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Which kind of errors are you experiecing? What are they related to?


Hey ,

Your issue has something to do with your “Default Weapon Inventory” modifications to MyCharacter. Please re-evaluate your code. As soon as you clear any of the default weapon inventory slots, recompile, and re-open the BP_Character, the mesh disappears (the others remain until you clear them as well.

Moving out of bug reports.

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