Blueprint Changes not Saving

I recently created a new FirstPersonShooter C++ game to take a look at any changes that occurred with UE5. I noticed after making a few changes to the TP_WeaponComponent class that the projectile no longer appeared, there was no sound, and no recoil animation. When I went into the Details panel of the TP_Weapon in the editor, the Projectile Class, Fire Sound, Fire Animation slots were empty, although I did not change these. After changing these back, I saved and continued programming, but when I rebuilt the project, those changes were not saved.

I’ve tried building from the source and from the Epic Games Launcher. Neither version saves the changes to the weapon specifically. However, I can make other changes that will be saved. For example, I added a new object into the FirstPersonMap which was saved and still there the next time I reloaded the project, but again, the three changes to the weapon class were not saved.

Is anyone experiencing a similar problem?


I seem to be having similar issue in UE5. My C++ scene item are gone in the editor, I have to hierarchically add them again when opening UE5 editor.

Here is a detailed description of the problem: UE 5.0.3 Did Not Save Issue - YouTube