blueprint changes in newer versions? digital tutors

Im using the digital tutors tutorials introduction to unreal engine. I am trying to make a toggleable light with blueprints but the options i have are different. In the video the serach term “visib” is entered and there is a node available under rendering called toggle visibility. its a function. that function is not available in my engine, but after downloading the project files that node is there but i still cannot get my own node, even in that same downloaded project.
has content been removed throughout the different versions. I ask this because it is possible as the videos are form some time back and im using version 4.8.3.
i have noticed minor differences in the GUI, fields and options placed in different locations but im not sure about the differences in blueprint

You need to get the light component, and get visibility from that.

i have that. i clicked on it and went to blueprint editor right click and clicked add reference to “object name”.
it still wouldnt show it

figured it out. turns out for some reason the context sensitive button being checked stopped toggle visibility from showing up, although in the tutorials it was checked. maybe some settings have changed about contexts since 4.1.1

Yeah this is the whole reason I cancelled my digital tutors subscription it was a brilliant site but now nearly all of the videos are so outdated it’s difficult to follow along unless you already know what you’re doing .

Yeah I always turn context box off as I found a lot of the time I couldn’t find things only trouble is sometimes it gives you massive list of stuff and you have to scroll through and find the right section . Anyway glad you sorted it

It’s a bad idea to leave context sensitive unchecked, the whole reason that you should leave it checked is that it will give you nodes that don’t work out of the box with it unchecked.