Blueprint change gravity with tag

Hi guys, im actually trying to understand and learn blueprint. So I tried to using tag on components and change the gravity of my character if the component has a certain tag. I came out with this:

Now except for the first node (Get all actors of class) that I will be substitute with something else in order to get only the actor with I am overlapping, the rest is almost good I think but It doesnt the job I want to. Change the gravity and restore after 3 sec.
Thank you all

As ThompsonN13 said it’s not super clear.
Initially I just want to be able to change gravity of all players in the world when 2 of them stand upon a trigger. So 2 players stand on the trigger and the third one can jump higher and longer because of gravity, and reach next platform. I tried doing this in C++ but after getting access to actor that overlapped I cant get further and get gravity and other stuff, so I switch to Blueprint.
Here in Blueprint initially I tried to get at least the name of the actor that overlapped (DONE) then tried to change gravity of actor that overlapped for X seconds (DONE) and lately trying to change the gravity of the actor only when he overlap a component with a specific tag (NOT DONE). Here born this Blueprint.
On ActorBeginOverlap with a certain Actor (my case it’s Door_Trigger, but let’s call it Gravity Trigger), check it’s tag, if it is “myTag” then set the gravity of my Character to 0.5 for 3 seconds and then restore it.
Hope It’s clearer now!
Thank U
EDIT: Super short, If actor I overlap has tag “blabla” change gravity for 3 seconds.

Ok, seems fair.
Im gonna edit my post :smiley:

what are you trying to do here? your overlapping a character, then getting door triggers, checking if doors have a tag, then reducing gravity on the player. it seems like quite a strange system.

anyways though you calling a delay in a loop which in theory shouldnt work. loops like this are done between frames so in fractions of a second. adding a delay in makes no sense. let us know the end goal and we can probably give you a better method to accomplish it.

I just want to be able to change gravity of all players in the world when 2 of them stand upon a trigger.

at the most basic here your talking two character on one trigger changes the gravity for every character in the level. below is a quick script that can do that, i based it off what you have for simplicity sake. the basic idea is that you get the overlapping actor and see if it meets the requirement (in my case has to be a character, but you could use tags as well if you like). then you increment an int and check if its above the threshold (2 in this case), if true then you set the gravity for every character using a for each loop. after the delay of 3 seconds which starts once the loop is complete you reset the gravity scale back to the original value. i also included that the int variable should decrement on end overlap.

im sure there probably more to your idea than it seems at first but this is the most basic example.

Well, thank you for your solution, it fits :wink:
Meanwhile, before read your answer, I was working and could be able to do it through C++ in the gravity_trigger using ActorIterator that has a poor docs.
I probably will use your solution that seems more dynamic because depends on character and not on every single trigger I will try to implement it in.
Thank u again