Blueprint change a players Actor Class?

First off I’m not sure if I am using the right term “Actor class”. It’s rather difficult to do any searches with “class” in it…lol
I’v never worked with BluePrints and find them rather confusing.
I would like to know if it is possible to change a players “class” within the game and have it saved to the player (so it is retained after death). Basically I would like to take advantage of the many “class” restrictions and benefit options. As it is right now a player can only choose two classes (male and female) and I would like to make an engram that allows a player to change their class by having/selecting an engram or using an object created by the engram. Any help (and pics!) would be appreciated!

On a side note… would it be at all possible to allow players to select a different class other than Male and Female? I have been unable to figure out how to attach buttons in the UI to an event code and it looks like all of the blueprints withen the UI are parented to an inaccessible file…is that true?