Blueprint-chan (Design by fukusuke8.5gou Model by tarava777)


I want to make english thread presenting model produced by tarava777 of Blueprint-chan, which is great substitute for standard gray/blue-guy,
as well great material to promote UE4 ;] Not to mention other software has there own chan why not UE4 should have one too.


Blueprint-chan is a character original designed by fukusuke8.5gou (福助8.5号) which impersonates Blueprint scripting language in UE4 doing blueprintish stuff, started as a series of images posted on twitter. She also been used as merchandise of UE4 events in Japan. Go check his twitter for more of Blueprint-chan greatness

Model package contains

For UE4:

-Asset with model inside 4.19 project
-Skeleton compatible with gray/blue guy
-Physic Asset for ribbon
-Basic animations
-Material (PBR+Emissive)
-In future model will be improved

For Blender:
-Original source model in FBX as well as Blender project file
-Rigged with AutoRig Pro(not standard Rigify rig)
-Material, skinning and key shape set
-Basic animation set up

Terms of Use

Can be used for free both commercially and non-commercially

Original model data can be modified and redistributed

Credit is not necessary


Use that disrupts public order and morality as well as for political and religius remarks

Use to hurt honor of other people, disadvantageous acts

Reselling and trademarking of orginal model data as well as it’s design

lol very nice

Being somewhat allergic to manga should make me dislike those. But those chunky… nodes, oh boy! Really clever, and beautifully executed.

Maybe less sexualized? I like the idea of a character representing blueprints very much, but I don’t like sexualized childlike characters at all.

I concur. I have absolutely nothing against sexy video game characters, bikini armor and the likes (especially with how today’s western game industry is) but lolicon is pretty much just pedophilia with a coat of paint.


Dude are you kidding me?

No. I have a strict rule that I keep any personal views out of this forum since this is a forum for developers, but anything even hinting at pedophilia is crossing the line hard and has absolutely no place on this forum or anywhere else for that matter. You and everyone involved in this “design” should think hard and figure out what made them think “hey let’s put a prepubescent girl in a bikini” was a good idea.

This is chibi art. and a damn well done one. love the color setup on the variable types :smiley: it’s not erotic - come on guys.

What is considered erotic and/or moral differs from culture to culture (and person to person, of course). I can see this having a warm reception in Japan, not so much in catholic Poland, for example.

Every sees what they want, i see weird japanese art. You see pedophilia, maybe you shoudl check youself dude since you think of sexual stuff as soon as you see kid in a bikini. Ever been to a beach? Jesus…

There’s a clear difference between real kids in bikinis doing kids stuff on the beach, and a drawing that clearly depicts an adult person in a sexualized child-like character. Maybe you should check yourself?

And ‘Everynone’ is right, do you want Epic to get a really bad reputation and lose a lot of money in the process? Because this is a really good start to do that.