Blueprint Challenges?

Hey everyone!

Not sure if this is the right place to talk about this but I had a pretty fun idea that I am sure has already been done but I couldn’t find anything. So, I am kinda new to Unreal. I’ve made some test levels and messed around with a bunch of random things but never really got anywhere. I recently picked back up and decided to try things a little differently. To make things a bit more organized and a little easier for myself, I decided to focus on one thing at a time and “master” it. That thing being blueprints.

So, what I did was create a challenge list for myself. Little things to create (or attempt to create) with blueprints and work my way through them and only look for help if I 100% could not figure it out myself. This, of course, excluded documentation on specifics like what something is or what it is used for (how else do you learn without tutorials, right?)

I ended up learning a ton and I am still working my way through things so I thought that maybe we could start like a daily challenge thing. Like, post the idea for a blueprint (simple at first), like turning a light on and off and have everyone try to complete it. As time goes on, the challenges would, of course, get harder and everyone would have an easy to locate, dedicated place to answer questions about the challenges instead of searching all around. I think this would be an awesome way for everyone to learn off of each other and increase our understanding of work-flow and everything else Unreal.

So, far, I have worked through turning a light on and off, changing the color of a light randomly, adding new inputs, destroying a door, a sprint system with increasing and decreasing stamina, double jumping, stopping time (very simply) after landing on a platform that falls.

So, what does everyone think? Would this be a good idea? At least for beginners.

If you really want to challenge your self build a good foot IK placement system that actually works. You’ll touch on and learn so many things that everything else will become trivial…

Tutorials are often a FAIL. If you take apart working projects instead, you’ll find its a fast way to learn.
Doing small challenges supposes you’re all on the same level (and even working in the same genre).
Overall, I fear the risk with your idea is that eventually people will lose interest and leave the program.

@ClavosTech I have found that out during my short time with Unreal. That’s why I thought something like this would be a little better. It would only be for beginners of course. That way, everyone is close to the same level. And I agree that taking apart working projects is a good way to learn but I’ve often found that a lot of the time, the blueprints that they use is way over my head and even when I’m deconstructing them part by part, I find myself looking things up more than usual. The things that I’ve made so far have nothing to do with the game I want to eventually create but through my own challenges, I’ve learned about triggers, player characters, controllers and pawns, simple physics, a decent understanding of blueprint flow, good organization, basic lighting understanding, basic animation, and animgraph understanding, importing and a very (very) basic understanding of materials. It was just a thought though! I’ll stick with it myself though and learn everything I can!