Blueprint / C++ Programmer

Hi. My name is Robert V and i am a 19 year old programmer from germany. Ive been using unreal engine 4 1 year now and i am really happy with it. I do most of my 2D games in java but i also can programm in C#, Blueprints and C++ with no problem. I also have allot of expirience with the networking system in ue4. I am able to work alone or in a team.

Here are some games ive worked on:

-Apart (Made in 2 Days for the “Asylum” gamejam) :
-Geek Fighter’s (Made in a Week for the “IndievsGamers” gamejam)
-Skeleton War (Made in 2 Days for the “IndievsPewDiePie” gamejam)
-Supernova (Made in 3 Days for the “Ludumdare 30” gamejam)
-The Legend of Drax (Made in 2 Days for the “GBJam”)
-Seicho Boru (Made in 2 Days during the “Ludumdare34” gamejam)
-Ludumdare3d (Made in 2 Days for the “Ludumdare35” gamejam)

I also have some unfinished never released project that i can show you. I would like to do a screenshare for that!

Here are some short code examples:



You can contact me with my e-mail :
Or with my skype : wwowfreak
Or just leave me a message here in the Ue4 forums!

I am still available.

I am still available

**I am no longer available. **

Available for Part Time work.

I added you on Skype