Blueprint/C++ Developers for Product Design

Looking to meet developers to help build some ideas in the product design field. Overall the opportunity is to help shift how product visualization happens for a large product design team. This includes the entire pipeline of a product lifecycle - from the front end design concepting phase, all the way to the final product reveal video.

Help build functioning digital versions of various products
Automate repetitive 3D file import tasks and preparation
Develop UI templates that can be applied to products to interactively navigate through design concepts
Create ‘multiplayer’ environments to allow multiple designers to collaborate on a design interactively while also being remote
Deploy projects for VR/AR and traditional touch screen or controller input interaction

Skills\Experience Desired:
5+ years developing in UE
UI development/design major plus
A thought process built around efficiency
AR/VR development

For more information, please send me a message and we can chat further.

is this full time job position ?
if so than contract me through skype.
i dod this on daily basis at my current job