Blueprint Building system preview

The blueprint building system is a system which allows you to build in first person, the pack contains about 6 models, everything is very simple, the system contains 2 functions which allows you to add as many models as you’d like. All in all, the system is easy to use for both beginners and advanced.

im planing to sell it on the marketplace for 5 dollars the system is very easy and if it will accepted to the markeplace i ill make a little tutorials series about the system

i wanted to sell it on the marketplace but for some reasons its enough for the marketplace so im selling it on other site, i still going to make a tutorial about the system

more info and the buy link: Blueprint Building system (For Sale) - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums

Video: Building System | Unreal Engine 4 (For Sale) - YouTube

hope you like it and tell me if you would be interested in buying it

There are a few questions people my ask.

  1. does it support network play?
  2. how efficient is the system?
  3. is each part an actor or does it use a single actor for a manager?
  1. not right now but im working on it and it may be in the future but for now its not support network play
  2. I didn’t really understand
  3. Parts, there is 6 parts (wall, window, door, stairs, roof\floor, lamp) its very easy to add parts too

well depending on the logic used efficiency can change, how does it impacted frame rates, having high actors counts will impact your projdcts performance.

It doesn’t seem like a large amount of parts reduce the fps, I summoned above 600 walls and the FPS stayed almost the same(36-40 fps usually its around 40 fps). I believe it won’t change a lot even at an higher amount

Well thats good to know more thinking of large player count on a server, and do you plan to have any mechanics for the walls at all?