Blueprint Building system (For Sale)

The blueprint building system is a system which allows you to build in first person( can easly be change to third person), the pack contains 6 models, the system contains 2 functions which allows you to add as many models as you’d like. All in all, the system is easy to use for both beginners and advanced.

The price went down to $3!

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Technical Details (Old Version:
Blueprints: 7
Meshes: 6
Materials: 1
Maps: 2
Widgets: 1

**Pictures from the New Update (soon) **

Pictures from the Old Version

The price went down to $3

Does this make use of Instanced Static Meshes?

it will be in the next update

Hey [MENTION=62120]Zachery Broski[/MENTION]

Got a few suggestions about this item. I just bought it :slight_smile:

  1. A red material for when a mesh is overlapping another Mesh.
  2. Make use of Instanced Static meshes. This will really help with Performance with larger maps and larger collections of Meshes. Instanced Static Mesh | Unreal Engine Documentation
  3. Make it so we cannot overlap other meshes with other meshes. EXample: Put a wall inside a wall. You might be able to do an event overlap check.
  4. I would also advise making an array of meshes that the player can choose from in a GUI. Opposed to Key presses such as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 etc.

Hey Thanks For Purchasing!

1.will be dont worry im working on a big update at the moment
2. thanks! i will check it
3.yea of curse if it wil overlap it will turn red and couldn’t spawn more while overlapping working on a “inventory” so you can just choose what you want to spawn from there
thanks for the suggestions!

a picture from the new update
going to release it soon