Blueprint Bugs Return on Restart

I made a copy of my 4.7 project to be used in 4.8, and I noticed that it was taking some things in my Character class Blueprint and messing it up compared to the stability of 4.7. So I went through and fixed all these issues and got it back to how it was before.

Among these issues, was that it was taking a select node populated with Skeletal Mesh Components and turning it into a whole other object called a Scene Component, which shouldnt be happening at all. I’ve never seen a select node convert the Return Value into a whole other type of class that isnt even being plugged into it. If I remake the node manually, it will output as a Skeletal Mesh properly.

Another issue was Set Array Element nodes werent mixing correctly. It seems to let a Material Interface mix with a Material Instance Dynamic, but the nodes were broken; so once again I had to manually remake the node and it worked.

So thats all good and cool, but when I restart and come back into my project, all those bugs are back exactly how they were before. How do I prevent it from breaking my pins and messing up my select nodes and such on startup? Why would these even happen if I saved it and it was working fine? What does a restart have to do with this?

Ultimately I was able to work around this using Cast To to handle the conversions and oddities from 4.8. But I am curious still why a Select Node’s output would change to not match the inputs, and why bugs would return on a restart despite being fixed and saved.