Blueprint Brushes, Landscape Layers removed in UE4.24?

Hey there!

In UE 4.23 under Editor Preferences, there is a Checkbox: “Landscape Layer System” with which I can enable the new Non-destructive Layer System and the Blueprint Brushes.
Here a Picture:

But in UE 4.24 the Checkbox disappeared and I can no longer use the new Layer system?

I thought I probably need to activate the Landmass Plugin, but this makes no difference…

I just wanna use the new Features showcased in this Video:

In UE4.23 I was able to work with these Features, bot not in UE 4.24 anymore, what am I doing wrong?

Got these Features removed?

OK I found it. In the 4.24 release notes, you enable it directly in the landscape Manage Layers tab:

You can enable the Landscape Edit
Layers feature by checking Edit Layers
under the Manage Layers tab.

Found here.

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I think it was transitioned in 4.24 to no longer being experimental. I seem to recall that being mentioned in the 4.24 release notes. Are you able to work with layers/BP brushes without the checkbox checked?

Absolutely right.

In 4.23 everything works as it should, but I can’t get it working in 4.24.

Are you able to use Landscape Sculpting Layers in 4.24?

If yes, could you please tell me, what I should do differently than in 4.23?
I can’t find a “Manage Layers” tab…

Yes. It is just not where the documentation says it is (not exactly). When you create a new landscape, the tickbox to enable layer editing is right front-and-center (as in picture) at the top of the options.

Ah, this explains everything.
My map has many sublevels and I had to enable edit Layers on the main Landscape, so all the landscapes in my sublevels are getting this also enabled.
Now everything works flawless, Thank you for your help!