Blueprint branching error

EDIT2: Question has changed to being about collisions rather than blueprint. I will post a new question about it.

ive been using the blueprint visual scripting guide from packt
so i have an error where im using cast to first person projectile and then connecting to branch. if the condition is false it reduces the enemy health by one using an int-int node. if true it plays a sound emitts a particle and destroys the actor.
problem is that the branch is always true even though the health is set so the condition must be false first.

EDIT: Not sure but i may have figured it out. some help still needed. So originally the setting on the enemy collision component was pawn. This meant the bullets were ignored so i changed it to BlockAllDynamic.This worked. the bullets were working BUT if i edit the blueprint a little the enemy sometimes strafes the bullets, meaning they are like all the other objects. i think it may be that the enemy is actually bumping into the bullet more than once. Can someone help me with fixing this. I am using the FPS blueprint template usign the standard projectile.

Before you run this for the first time, Enemy Health is set to 2 or more? Have you added a PRINT node to verify the value of Enemy Health prior and/or after the branch node?

Yes verified the enemy health is set higher than 2. set it at 10 yet on the first hit it would branch to true.
didnt know about the print log but using it i found that regardless of the amount of times i fire a shot branch just counts down. i.e. if the health is at three the output from convert bool to text, print text prints out 2 false 1 true. if health is set at 10 it prints out 9 false and 1 true. all from just on shot

lol, no of course not. its what i thought first, still doesnt work though.
heck i probably wouldnt read the whole question as it seems to be a simple one but nope its not. ive spent ages on this and still cant figure it out

any body anything


From the graph you have posted, your only going to hear the sound, and the particle emitted. The other two conditions (i.e. The cast being false, and the If statement being false) do nothing that is “visible”. The way the blueprint is set up.

if the cast is false, nothing occurs and the false cast is ignored
if the enemy health is greater than 1, then the enemy’s health is only decremented, till it gets down to the point that it is less than or equal to 1, then the sound and emitter fire,

I’m not sure what you are expecting to occur that is not happening.

Hi thanks for your reply jayice,
I believe the issue has changed.
The problem is that what is happening now is the enemy actor will continuously touch the projectile and then be destroyed. the projectile is the standard projectile and it should be destroy once it applies its impulse as its blueprint defines