Blueprint Branch Node: Set condition If (X>Y)

I’m new to Blueprint, and I’m learning a number of essential nodes, by giving myself a small exercise for each node. Currently I’m trying the Branch node. I thought to myself, this one will be easy, because I have a background in programming. Just input reference x and y, and write X > Y in the Branch node. But that is not how it works. I found a few tutorials, where the input for example was a key action or just a boolean variable, bind to condition input, but that I was looking for.

The exercise that I gave myself is to set a TextRender text to True if my character is beyond position x.

And I want to know, is this a good way to learn Blueprint, because I see a lot of tutorial videos on Blueprint, which make sense its a visual framework, but I feel that videos are limited when it come to learning problem solving. Or maybe I have not found the write source material for learning, and yes I do read the documentation. Please help me :slight_smile:

Use GetActorLocation node to get the actor location.

Then you will get Vector from it. Drag node from the result, and type Break. This will break the Vector in to X, Y, Z.

Then just drag from X and type >, which will bring you Float Greather Than node, and you can then get boolean value from it, and branch it out.

I did not know about the Greater Then Node. After some trail and error I came up with this. Not sure if this is the cleanest way, but it works. Thank you Bojan! :slight_smile:

You can use select node to remove if node and bottom part.


Nope, that is not the way :).

Forget the TIck, and make it event based. Add trigger volume on your map in some X position, and when player hits it, change text. It will be much more optimized than this :slight_smile:

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Also, if you are learning, you can visit Mathew Wadstein YouTube channel. He has great and simple tutorials for each node.

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Based on your advice I just subscribed to Mathew Wadstein :ok_hand:

Shunitzo, I tried the Select node its really good solution for creating a condition. Bojan, Trigger volumes is the way, especially for this exercise. But my goals was to understand conditions in Bleuprint and I feel like I have reached a basic understanding of it. So thank you both, u guys where great! :heart_hands:

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