Blueprint Branch Node: Set condition If (X>Y)

I’m new to Blueprint, and I’m learning a number of essential nodes, by giving myself a small exercise for each node. Currently I’m trying the Branch node. I thought to myself, this one will be easy, because I have a background in programming. Just input reference x and y, and write X > Y in the Branch node. But that is not how it works. I found a few tutorials, where the input for example was a key action or just a boolean variable, bind to condition input, but that I was looking for.

The exercise that I gave myself is to set a TextRender text to True if my character is beyond position x.

And I want to know, is this a good way to learn Blueprint, because I see a lot of tutorial videos on Blueprint, which make sense its a visual framework, but I feel that videos are limited when it come to learning problem solving. Or maybe I have not found the write source material for learning, and yes I do read the documentation. Please help me :slight_smile: