Blueprint branch/if.

I am not kidding you guys, I need to look up the name atleast 1-4 times each time I do logic in blueprints.

It’s to the point where I am considering renaming or overloading the entire thing as “If” due to the frustration that I forget the name. :smiley:

I know that I won’t and I need to get the name “Branch” to stick, but I forget it to the degree it stops being funny, and started getting funny again.

Anyone have misshaps or brain breakdown when it comes to remeber something that is this common? :wink:

I have it in natural language when words between languages are too close to each other but bear different meaning.

Or even within the same language. Dutch ‘Pompoen’ and ‘Kalkoen’ used interchangably does transmit a whole new funny meaning to the one you speaking to. :smiley:

Another word Im unable to lern proper is the dutch one for guinea pig. I can’t lern it. I won’t hold that word. Never. Have to look it up or ask for it every time I need to use it. Either I get the english word out or the german, never both, and never ever the dutch one.

I guess programming uses ones language centre, so there is overlap leading to the same effects.

This makes me currious how often one might need to use the word Guinea pig? :wink:

We just did twice :smiley:

i always type printf when i want “print string” but i haven’t problem with branch.