Blueprint branch fails?

I’m using a branch block that seems to fail.
Sometimes when condition is false it outputs true branch. Any clue?

image shows a breakpoint activated state where condition is false. Output condition seems to be always correct.

Hi ferocildo,

I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior with a simple test using a Bool variable in 4.7.5. Which version of editor are you using? Does this happen with other similar setups? Any other details you can think of that might show us how to reproduce it would be very helpful.

Can you reproduce this in a new project, or only your current project? If you’re able to set up a small test project which displays this problem, please upload it somewhere and get us a download link, or if it’s small enough you can and attach it here. Thanks!

Hello ,
Thanks for your reply

Unforunately I’m in a rush for delivering a demo of project and I don’t have much time to reproduce that on a sample project (maybe fail depends on some boundary conditions that requires time to reproduce).

Anyway I switched back to C++ (as 99% of my project is) and bypassed issue.

Engine I’m working on is 4.7.0 preview7

I’ll give it a quick check in 4.7.0, too. One more question, if you don’t mind: when >= node is showing False, should it be showing True at that moment? Or is problem that Branch isn’t recognizing False value correctly? I’m also curious if this is flipping between True and False values quickly. Thanks!

Of course I don’t mind!

= node works fine but branch is choosing wrong out

I’m sorry I can’t help, I didn’t commit that blueprint so I can’t reproduce it back :frowning:

Another possibility is that at moment of break displayed input and output values of >= node were not correct

I very much doubt that it’s a branch block bug

check for >= should happen instantaneously with branch, I believe. I unfortunately haven’t been able to reproduce this at all, so it may be something related to your specific code or BP setup that I’m not seeing. If you’re able to reproduce this at a later time and feel like uploading a test project for us, I’d appreciate it, but I understand if you’re too busy at moment.

Thanks for reporting issue, and I’ll keep my eyes open for it and anybody else reporting anything similar. For now, I’ll resolve this post, but feel free to comment here with more information should you find yourself able, and we’ll continue where we left off.

I forgot to say… yes it’s flipping nearly every tick

Okay, tested with a variable that flips between true and false on tick, and still didn’t reproduce. Thanks, though!