Blueprint - BP Class lists node is not there? How?


I’ve been trying learning copy Blueprint node code used follow from Evermotion Interior model - Toggle mouse icon with IES lightings.

But I’m struggle puzzle can’t figure this out. There’s no Blueprint class on lists on after “ForEachLoop” node link. See shown image here.

Please can you help me how those work?

Here image from Evermotion Interior model’s (version 4.9). There have blueprint list available shown here that I’m trying learn copy from this.

If I understand what you are asking correctly, you need to pull from the ArrayElement node, that’s your object. The LoopBody pin is the execution path but not the object.

Thank you quick reply answer.

Yes, I’ve been look pull pin from the ArrayElement node, It’s not there on list. I’ve check compare on Evermotion’s blueprint pull pin from ArrayElement node have shown up lists under ‘Call Function’ but mine blueprint is not there.

Also I’ve tried ReFresh Nodes, Compile & Save too.

Maybe I think other blueprint class, I use ‘Custom Events’ node that’s something missing out tick box?

Mine on UE version 4.10.4

Have you tried typing ‘IES_DiningRoom’ into the search bar and unticking ‘Context Sensitive’ to see if it appears?

YES, There have on list…Nearly there. You’re right savagebeasty. Thanks

I did pull pin from ArrayElement node with untick ‘Context Sensitive’ & typing in then there’ve shown up list but Problem they won’t blue link (I tried put link up together) as message saying "Actor Reference is not compatible with ". So I’ll try figure it out.

Maybe possibly I think IES_DiningRoom Blueprint is mess up.


I’ll try wipe out clean IES_DiningRoom and redo all over again tomorrow to see if this work hopefully. Will let you know update. :slight_smile:


Ah right I see the problem. You need to do a cast :slight_smile:

So drag out from ‘Array Element’ on the ‘ForEachLoop’ and type CastTo IES_DiningRoom, then from that ‘CastTo’ node you’ll be able to get to your function IES Visibility.

Basically currently you’re trying to find your function at the actor class level but you need to get it from your IES_DiningRoom actor.

Without sounding like self promotion I did post a rubbish tutorial ages ago about casting and calling functions between blueprints, might help you understand casting a bit better, any questions feel free to give me a shout:

Hi , I’ve got finally work out before I came to read your post message here recently:-).

Yes, You are right this I got missing out “Cast to IES_DiningRoom” node because of this new version 4.10. Since I been look other Evermotion interior model is old version 4.9 that don’t have “Cast to”.

So its all working now fine - yay… Now next stage on “Bi-Fold doors” blueprint.

Many thanks for your helps. I’ll continue to learning as this is my first time try out UE4 for 3D interior room project (working in process)


No worries glad I was of help to someone for once :wink:

and just because you put your name so will I