blueprint blendspace 1D walk and run not blending , only the idle !!

So I’m having a problem blending the animations of an idle/walk/run using Blendspace 1D using blueprints in third person template … for some reason when i test the game , the character moves but he only uses the idle animation and never blends to the walk or the run even though it is showing up correctly in the persona … i tried to follow this tutorial step by step
and i went back multiple times to make sure i didn’t miss a step but i can’t seem to figure it out …





As seen here i believe its correct in the persona

Does anyone know the solution to this problem ?

Can you show the Event Graph Tab as well? You are probably forgetting to pass the variable speed over there.


Sure here’s the event graph of the animation blueprint of my character

The first node you have, “BlueprintUpdateAnimation_Copy_1”, a custom event… For me, when I copy and paste those, they never work. So, try delete and adding again without copying and pasting.