Blueprint basic math operation not working


I don’t know why but I have this level blueprint with a timeline, as you see in the picture one of the variables I have is Time, then i have it set up as soon as I press G, the timeline will play at 23.99, so the float (A (23.99) > B (23)) should always work but it doesn’t, neither does the Finish exec. It doesn’t matter what I do, I am not getting a print message.

That timeline node looks like it has some icons that I am unfamiliar with, what version of the engine are you using? Also, does the play wire ever execute whilst pressing G?


I’m using the latest version 4.8.3, and yes the play wire still in progress regardless of how many times I press G. Time is a float variable from the range from 1 to 24.

Your New Time input is set to 2399, you’ll need to set it to something lower than the timeline’s length in order for it to play properly.