Blueprint-based Key Remapping System

Hello everyone!

Key remapping system allows you to set input controls without need of setting up those inside project settings. That also gives you a possibility to change controls in real time or inside main menu of your game. It is very to install the system inside your character, as implementation goes through component.

System goes with ready-to-use UI, wich allows you to add controls settings to your project in seconds. Those widgets also contains some useful functionality. Moreover, controls menu can be shown as separate widget, as well as inside other widgets (ex. your settings menu). Of cource, controls component works separetly, so you don’t have to use my widgets, you can make your own, if you would like to.

In addition, system has automatic save and load functionality, so you dont have to worry about losing control settings after closing the game. But if you don’t like your saved controls, Load function has possibility to load default ones.

Price: 24.99$
Marketplace page: Blueprint Key Remapping System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace


This pack also contains some bonus in addition to the system itself. Pack contains 40 gamepad (PS and XBOX) icons with 128x128 res. Ofcourse, you can use them inside this system, or inside other systems.

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Very useful indeed.:slight_smile:

Really basic functionality that everyone needs and isn’t available for blueprints out of the box! Good idea! Will these bind settings be saved, or lost on restart?

If you press “Apply”, mapping will be saved immediately. So if you close your game and then start again, key mapping will be loaded as soon, as character will be spawned (character, that has this component in it).

Extremely useful :slight_smile:

Small update:

Added confliction highlighting
If you add a button, that is already in use, it will highlight those conflicted rows, that have the same key.

Another update:

Have added gamepad support. Now you can assing gamepad keys to your controls.
I also added icons and visual naming support (no more long names like “Gamepad Right Thumbstick X-Axis”).

You can set icons and text by using DataTable.
The logic here is very simple: if widget wont find an icon, it will look for a text. If it wont find a text, it will automatically convert Key variable to text and set it.

Another update!

Btw…Price increased to 25$. And I think, that I will submit icons as another pack. Just icons. I think, that this could be useful as well.

The pack is out for 25$!

If you have any questions or suggections, I’ll be very happy to answer!


I’ve sent new verion to epic, where I fixed some issues. If you bought my system, please, wait for an update.You can check the version by launching Tutorial > Info aseet. It should be 1.2

-Added setup tutorials (inside Tutorial folder)
-Fixed a bug, where you need to press twice to bind RMB button.
-Some logic optimizations

Just saw this - SUPER useful thanks!

Can a combination of keys be bound to a single purpose.

By this I mean, if W key walks forward could I edit the binding (using your BP) to make the walk key E and then use one of the SHIFT keys as a modifier to make E+LSB associate with RUN? or E+LCTRL to crouch and move forward?

Right now there is no support of modificators (but thanks for an idea). If you want to make modifiers keys, like Run or Crouch, you can make it inside your character. Like an existin example, that is inside democharacter:

I personally have made a plugin for this, which makes me wonder, does this use standard Action/Axis Mappings? Or custom events?

It uses Dispatchers, wich allow events to be easily called and setup.

Hi AlFlakky. Great product and a true time saver.

I would be interested in being able to save more then one configuration and load/swap them on demand. This would allow me to provide my Players with Multiple Pre-configurations and support switching between different input schemes w/ overlapping controls within a single player controller. An example would be switching between Strategy <> Orbital Custom Camera Controls, vice versa.

Sorry for a delay.

Yes, you can do this, but you will need to modify logic to create some “savegames” and set the save game to save controls inside your widget. See “InputsSave” class to create extra saves.

Modified Logic & UI to save multiple BPKeyRemap Configurations by Scheme Name/ID associated to multiple Users by Playername/ID: [FONT=courier new]BPKeyRemapSave[FONT=courier new]_PlayerID[FONT=courier new]_SchemeID_ConfigID.sav

Added extras UI features for BPKeyRemap Configs to the Menu to include setting Scheme Name, Scheme Icon, Scheme Color, Config Name, Hide/Ignore Unassigned Inputs, Switch Scheme, and Switch Config. Added Functions to switch BPKeyRemap Configs without UI to change between Control Modes: First Person, Orbital, Extended Mouse, etc. This is one of the *cleanest *designed Blueprints Packages in the Marketplace. Very easy to work with. Great Job!

Thanks Again.

Could you please update this for 4.11 so I can use it in my project?

I’m considering purchasing this. Any idea as to when it will be updated or reports of how the 4.10 version works in 4.11?