Blueprint Based FPS with Iron Sights

Im currently looking at the the Shooter Template and First Person Template and im not sure where to start on my own game. Im currently trying to just have a character that can aim down his/her sights. Does anyone have any good tutorials on this? I appreciate any help.

there is a blueprint exemple for fps inside the engine. create a new project and choose the fps template from the blueprint tab, if you want a true first person, use the third person template and attach the camera to a socket created at the head location, if you have no idea how to do that, then chek on youtube, there is literally a ton of tutos, this is pretty basic stuff, you should follow lots of tutos before doing anything…

I have followed the third person tutorial and the first person c++ tutorial. I’ll look into it more before I post any help questions again

Implementing an ADS or Ironsight system are more or less a boolean check and an animation to play. For example. You have a boolean created like IsAiming or IsTargeting. Then you set RMB pressed to set IsAiming = True, then released to IsAiming = False. Then in your animblueprint, you create a boolean for Aiming/Targeting and then you cast from your characters boolean to that boolean. Then the last bit is to make a state for Aiming in the Arms anim blueprint. This is where you tell the ADS animation to play. From there its tweaking the camera position and FOV.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 6.46.55 PM.png

Thanks I’ll post my results later on down the road

for the ironsight part, my weapon is a separate blueprint so I placed a camera where I wanted my iron sight view to be and set the (auto receive input) to true, then change the player’s view to that camera smoothly.


As you can see I also prevent the player from reloading, sprinting or changing weapon while ironsight is used.

that blueprint might be a little bit overkill but it works :stuck_out_tongue: and it gives you a smooth transition from normal view to ironsight with an adjustable speed without any animation.

Arixsus’s way will move the weapon mesh instantly, and if you have multiple weapons, then they most likely won’t be in the player’s blueprint so that method will not work. It all depend of what you are planning to do.

ps: sorry if my first answer sounded hard x)

Would it be possible for you to have a build I can look at? I’d like to see how your weapon system is laid out so I can have a better idea. I understand if your not willing to share your work.

I want to document the steps I take to make an FPS but even the first actual concrete steps are hard to root out.
Nothing seems to really be organized around here.

Thanks for the post but there’s some uncertainty regarding what you posted.
You have said the following:

  1. Open Blank Project
    >> Go to Blueprints Tab
    >> click third person template (nowhere to be found)
    >> attach camera to head socket

Hello , is there any way you can explain your method for implementing ADS? For example, how you connect the gun to the character? I am having trouble making the smooth transition happen following your picture. I feel like I am missing something (granted I am fairly new to Ue4 so I am ALWAYS missing something…)

the weapon is a blueprint and can be attached to a socket like any static mesh. and btw you dont create a blank project, you create a project based on the tps template. I would recomend to learn the basic of the editor before touching blueprint…

anyway pm me with those questions, you are lucky I cheked back on the thread.

Is there by chance a video off this blueprint in action?