[BLUEPRINT] Async loop nodes

Hi Epic!

I was asked today, if it’s possible to make some complex calculations or generation to run behind the scenes without freezing game process… With that idea I made some macros based on default loop nodes.


It skips one frame every “ItersPerTick” iteration. Only for EventGraph.

I think it will be so usefull for making generation or calculations in the background. Hope it will be added to Unreal Engine BP in future.

Asynchronous operations, especially if you wish them to run separatedly from the game thread should be executed in separate threads. Threading is not an easy task to pull off, and you must be very careful of which values you iterate on at what time frame, because it easily can lead to crash and invalid behavior. There is a solution on the marketplace that should help you with threaded blueprints, but it is not without consequences either. It is important to note, that blueprints are not eligible for long running iterations and such calculations are much better to be placed into c++ code blocks where you can optimize them better. A code block can simply be executed to calculate your outputs, and it will leverage a lot from the game thread. Threading also can be designed better in code since you have many tools available for such tasks.

Where are them co-routines :wink: