Blueprint: Assign bluprint variable problem

I made a blueprint variable following the instructions in the UDN documentation here. Everything was fine until trying to assign the default bluprint type, maybe I’m not understanding something right.

Here’s a screenshot.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for your question! In this case, you’ve made a variable that is a Blueprint-type. In Defaults, you will not be able to assign a default value for any Blueprint-type variables. In future Rocket Beta builds, this will be conveyed to users a little easier that you will not be able to set these default values.

If there is specific functionality you are wanting to perform with that AI Blueprint variable, please respond back with what you are trying to accomplish and we’ll help get you on the right path :slight_smile:



I needed access to a a variable on the Controller, a enum depicting the animation state.

I thought it might be easier to switch all the animations in the AnimBP instead of in code.

To workaround it, I added a duplicate variable on the AnimBP and am pushing an update to it anytime a change is detected to it on the controllers, a compare in the Tick of the Controller.