blueprint arrays how to prevent duplication resolts?


I have a problema with arrays that give back duplication items! How can I avoid getting back the same resolt two times?

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Use add unique when adding, not add. This way you ensure your item is unique.

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Thanks Zireael07 for feedback! my main problem is with the “INSERT”, know of any alternatives to solve that?

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You will need to loop over the array and test each time if the respective element is equal to the one you want to insert. If none is, you can insert it. I am sure this is what happens within the node AddUnique anyway.


…Thanks for the feedback Pepeeee! By the way any chance that someone knows how to do in blueprint the code as is inside the addunique? I am very basic in code!

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Suggestions welcome!

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…If anyone has any alternative suggestions please feel free to give them!!! cause I need them!!! :slight_smile: