Blueprint API Reference

Hello i was just wondering if there is going to be like a API documentation like the one for c++ ??

Best regards

Wacky Moose

We want to have something similar. It’s a little more difficult for Blueprints because the nodes have “friendly” names that sometimes are slightly formatted versions of the actual function and other times they use a name set in metadata. Plus a different format may be better. Images or examples would be helpful but need to be auto generated to be feasible. There are lots of details we are still working out on that front.

Ok thanks for the reply :slight_smile: and look forward to seeing what you guys come up with, looking good so far thats for sure :cool:

Personally I think that the addition of more in-depth tutorials that achieve slowly more and more complex things would be a better alternative. We already have the context-sensitive system and can access the full list of possible functions at any time, but it’s only when they are put into practice that we can really learn about them, then slowly apply the things we learn to our own projects.

At least, that seems like the more sensible approach to me. Tutorials for days!

I really love tuts but sometimes its just easier to look through a API documentation besides the context-sensitive system :slight_smile:

I’ve been loving the tutorials too, but I just spent a few minutes hunting for a nice API reference. For example, right now I’m just looking for string formatting documentation.