Blueprint anim vs Blackboard

Hi all

(Sorry for my english)

In a blueprint animation, i try to get a blackboard’s variable.

This is the blackboard :

Anim_Walk is set in true

This is the behavior tree

Here we can see that in the print string in the blueprint anime give the blackboard of model controller

This is the code

But when i set “anim_walk” who is true in"r f in walk" that’s not work. "R f in walk " a blueprint anime’s variable is still false.

How can i get a blackboard’s variable to set in a blueprint anime ?


I would use “TryGetPawnOwner” in the AnimBlueprint to get the CharacterBlueprint Actor of the AI. The use “GetAIController” on that.
This makes sure that each AnimBlueprint is really using the values of its Character.

I assume your custom AIController class has a Blackboard component. Cast the result of “AIController” to your custom Class and
try to get the Blackboard Component from that.

Thanks eXi, i will test this in 5 hours :slight_smile:

Thanks Exi but that’s not work too.

I taked another way. In the blueprint create by the behavior tree, i cast to blueprint anime and set à blueprint anim variable. Now i take the control on the blueprint variable by the behavior tree.

Thanks to the help :smiley: