Blueprint and Dedicated Server Expert needed

Hey guys!

I am looking to pay someone remotely to do some blueprint work. I have a game in Unreal Engine 4.15 based off the CCG Kit in the marketplace, I have modified it thus far to work with a persistent NodeJS data server and MongoDB. I added in additional multiplayer functionality such as a login/registration system etc. Everything is working great as it stands except for the victory/defeat requests, they go through but it isnt establishing between which player is logged in, it just sends a victory and defeat for player 1 and never player 2, I know it has something to do with the blueprint variables needing to be player 1 or player 2, I am just not that familiar with Unreal engine dedicated server multiplayer and what can be done in blueprints. It would be much easier to explain by showing someone over Teamviewer or AnyDesk, to see if you can fix it. (We can go over it more in detail and visually)

I can pay $$ via Bitcoin, Paypal, or whatever payment method works best for you. Please contact me or post here.