Blueprint and C++ class.

How to get access to blueprint variables in script? (in C++ class) I need to execute some C++ code. I have variable in blueprint.

I tried to find variable by name in entire solution, but failed.

And similar question: how to get variable from C++ class in Blueprint?

in other words: I have object “soccer_ball”, blueprint “soccer_ball_Blueprint(self)” and script “Ball_Actor1(inherited)” attached to ‘movable’ StaticMeshComponent

And I want to establish connection between soccer_ball_Blueprint and Ball_Actor1. Is it possible? Or I should rewrite all blueprint in C++?

I don’t think you can do that.

If you have c++ base class and overload it with a blueprint, you can access it’s UPROPERTY() variables. Trying to access blueprint created stuff from c++ would be like trying to access child members form a parent class.