Blueprint actor forces player to interact with last instance of bp placed before interacting with ot

I’ve created this blueprint that checks to see if a player is overlapping its collision component and if the player overlaps the component then they are able to pick up the blueprint/object in the game. That works fine but the problem occurs when i place more than one instance of that blueprint into the game world and as i overlap the component of one of the blueprints at random, i am not able to pick up the object, instead i am forced to look for the last placed instance of that blueprint and upon finding an picking up that last instance, i would have to find the second last instance placed which becomes the last placed instance and this goes on until there is no instance of that blueprint left in the world. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Link to the problem shown on video:

Can we see your blueprint for this? Particularly the interaction between your item and the controller/character.