Blueprint actor always at the center of the world

Hi everyone!

I created a blueprint actor looking at the blueprint example file, specifically the health pick up in the level regarding the HUD. I reverse engineered it and I am starting to have something that work. The problem is that no matter when I place the blueprint in the scene, this always spawn at the center of the world, position (0,0,0).

I tried to find what’s wrong in the example project and looking on the internet, but had no luck so far.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

PS: what I am trying to create is an object that can be replaced several times in the scene, which can be picked up by the character and that adds a score. A bit like, for example, the coins in Super Mario Bros. Is there some tutorial more or less specific on something like this? The example files are great, but reverse engineering them is not always so simple, especially when the engine version they where created in looks quite different than the last one.

I found this tutorial. - YouTube

still I have no idea what caused the problem in the blueprint I did before, but now is working (and is much simpler than what I did before :slight_smile: )

hope this will help someone!

Just FYI on the rotation stuff he does in that tutorial you can now do just by dropping the “Rotate” component onto your blueprint.

thanks for the info, will look into that! :slight_smile: