Blueprint access to all physics constraint properties

It would be great if we could have control over all properties of a constraint, like Linear Limit Soft, Enable Projection or Angular Breakable.

Hi ZoltanE,

‘Enable Projection’ and ‘Angular Breakable’ are both exposed in 4.7.6 & 4.8, they just need to be toggled on.

Several properties for Physics Constraints were exposed in our latest internal build and one of them was ‘Linear Limit Soft’. You will see these take effect in a future update.



Thanks for the update. What does this “toggling on” mean?

Thank you for the update - I’d also like to express my interest for these properties being accessible in BP.

Hi ZoltanE,

What he means is to set it to true. To Toggle is to switch between two things, so in this case “true/false” or “on/off”. You will be toggling from false to true.

Sorry, I misunderstood your post, I read it as if something needs to be toggled in the engine or something to make the stuff show up in blueprint, something which was done in the internal builds.