Blueprint 3rd-Person Tutorial Released - Introducing Persona!

Hey folks!

Quick announcement! Remember that video series I’ve been promising the last few weeks over Persona and making your own 3rd-person game from scratch? Well, it’s out!

Go Watch:

This series is about 2.25 hours long and takes you through the course of creating the entire Blueprint 3rd Person Template completely by hand, with explanations of how everything works.

I have some more things planned for this, but I hope this is enough to get you started and teach you some new things about animation and game setups in UE4!


Huh So I just finished watching the last video and got to say Amazing tutorials as always from you Zak. I love the way you explain all the stuff into the smallest detail. I’m looking forward to see more videos from you. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thank you Zak! I got my coffee now, ready to get into it!

Christmas in April! I love this stuff.

Great tutorials! Thanks. The only topic missing is one for root motion.

Thanks Zak .
I’m really happy to see more tutorial from you and staff , please keep forward give us what you have :smiley:

Fantastic, clear tutorials. Thank you. I’m a visual learner and these video tutorials save me hours of learning versus written tutorials.

Absolutely wonderful. Clear and concise set.


Really good tutorial! :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch!

I’m really anticipating the next videos where you are going to make the character punch!


You did an amazing job with this Zak, keep up the good work!

Zak thx.Hes a good teacher.

Huge thanks Zak ! Your tutorials are fantastic for someone (like me) trying to get into UE4, coming from other game engines. I see that there are lots of parallels but the ‘UE4 way’ is not immediately obvious at a glance.

Very well explained and also entertaining.

Ah, those tutorials are tremendously good!

Much appreciated! I love your tutorials, even the design and material ones despite me being about as creative as a grey rock.

Amazing break down!! Cant wait for the rest of the videos!

Thank you!

Is this the same Zak from 3dbuzz? if so i learnt 3d from you ages ago! and got a job as a 3d artist because of you! now hopefully i can do the same with your gaming stuff! and hopefully make some great independent games too, love you dude!

4.6/4.7p2 update

AnimMontage@docs.ue matches video and not 4.6/4.7p2

**Added to notes to episode 17 wiki:
You cannot currently delete or rename Animation Montage Groups or Slots. Click on the magnifying glass next to slot name or Windows->Anim Slot Manager to bring up the Animation Slot Manager.

Branch Points moved in newer releases. Create a Notify by right clicking the track in Notifies section where you want it to trigger, select Add Notify, select last option “New Notify”, give same name as in tutorial. Left click the new Notification and in the Details tab change the Event->“Montage Tick Type” from default of Queued to “Branching Point”.

Review the “Animation: Play Multiple Montages” section in the 4.6 release notes.

Added notes to episode 20 wiki:

When adding the Slot node, its the one under Blend. Use the details tab for the node to update the Slot Name to whatever you set in your Animation Montage.

Do not forget to set the new “Montage” setting when adding the two “Montage Set Next Section” function nodes.

I tried this Tutorial at UE4.6.1 but some bugs. When i try to punch the left and right are punching with different position :(.

I followed the tutorial so i would get a frame of reference for UE and game development in general. I am new to both. Skipped/not ready for Intro to UE Editor series yet.

Yes, the base animations with that skeleton have a annoying skip and the handling of punching isn’t clean for what you’d use in your own game. Also, i couldn’t get the fists to collide with the sphere right away.

But it was a really helpful overview of UE game development. That was my expectation from the beginning. It was something quick and very helpful.

(to be honest i started with Lauren’s Intro to Programming because I know C++ but stopped after seeing Zak’s workflow. Understanding and getting comfortable with BP workflow will be very important. And i think it will let you get really wide and deep with UE more easily…)